Callum Vincent is a London based  stylist.

Having grown up in northern England andthen moving to London where he then graduated with first class honours from LondonCollege of Fashion in 2009. 

He then went on to assist severalFashion Directors and Stylists within the industry both fashion and commercial,  to widen his field of experience. Which is now used greatly in how he deliversto a job

Travelling most of the world in his 20s  while touring with a band as Wardrobe Master. This experience definitely notonly showed a great insight to the industry but also influences his work withmany inspirations from different cultures and countries around the world.

Callum is also Creative Director of anew contemporary menswear brand DUSKLINE.


Benjamin Kaufmann, Benjamin Whitely,  Benjamin Glean, Darren Black, Danny Baldwin,  Elliott Morgan, Giovanni Martins, Joseph Sinclair, Mark Cant, Matt Holyoak, Morgan O'Donovan, NOK Studio, Ram Shergill, Sylvain Homo, Roland Lane, Specular, Thomas Knights, Teneshia Carr.


 1883, Adon, Bello, Beige, Citizen, D'scene, Dorian, Funnytastes, Fantastics, FY!, F.TAPE, Hunger, High Snobiety, GT, Homme Style, Idol, Kurv, Le Mile, MMScene, Nylon, Notion, Noctis, Ones 2 Watch, Oddity, Paper Cut, Pop, Reflex, Ribbed, Skin, Spindle, Schon, Valstrom, Wylde.


Amanda Abbington, AQ/AQ, Bodybound, Bryce Aime, Duskline, Elinor Rose Dougall, Foxhall London, The Goldsmiths Company, Izaak Azanei, Josh Cuthbert, Jim Chapman, Liquid Production, Maximum Artists, One By one Store, Ruffians, Sony, Triumph Lingerie, Tom Bateman, 

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